Traditional Life of Baduy

Although today is the modern era but traditional life is still interesting. Indonesia is a country with modern life but there is a part of this country where traditional life can be found. It is really a surprise and interesting because this place is located not really far from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Baduy refers to the traditional society who lives in Lebak Regency, Banten Province. It is an isolated society and in Baduy’s village, there will be no modern technology found. It doesn’t mean those Baduy people don’t know about modern life but it is because they don’t want to ruin nature by using modern technology tools. This philosophy is really interesting and must be appreciated. With this traditional life of Baduy has, exploring how they live without technology is something great to do.

Baduy people are very welcomed to the tourists who want to see their traditional life as long as those tourists obey the Baduy rules. They shouldn’t bring their modern style in Baduy besides their clothes since it is going to destroy the nature. Without pollution, the nature in Baduy village is really beautiful with fresh air to breathe. Baduy people profess Sunda Wiwitan as their religion but it doesn’t matter when the tourists want to worship based on their own religion. The tourists are required to use water from the river. They don’t have to be worry about the quality of this water because this is still clean water. One rule that should be obeyed is for not capturing any picture from Baduy village but it doesn’t matter to capture the pictures from the outside.

From this travelling, tourists can learn about great cultures and values that Baduy people have. In the end of the trip, the visitors may get some souvenirs like sarong special headband from Baduy village.

Wondrous Grandeur of Mount Bromo

bromo view

Brace yourself, holiday is coming, and you need to find a place to spend it soon, sure before any expenditure regarding your traveling thingy gets way more expensive. Luckily as an archipelago, Indonesia has so many things to offer for a traveller like you; starting from a giant green rug of trees and mountains, to endless horizon and wavy blue sea. You just need to decide your own preference, whether hiking and enjoying the fresh and clear air of a hill will suit your best, captivating and studying this country’s culture, history and legends through some cultural tourist attraction are your truly cup of tea, or you prefer to lie on a white sanded beach, getting a good tan from a tropical sunshine. You may find it a bit difficult to decide which places you will visit. However, do not be worried, here are some suggestions that may interest you somehow.

First thing first, you need to experience the amazing scenery of the magnificent Mount Bromo. Located in Malang, East Java, exploring this mountain has become one obligation tourists, local and international, need to do when they are visiting the town. Lots of thing can be gained from it, starting from a rice terraces laying endlessly and looking like a blanket, sandy desert (the only place you could find in Indonesia is in here) and also wondrous grandeur of the mountain itself. Now you know where it is and what it offers. But, how about other important thing such as accommodation, where do you need to stay? Here are some quick suggestions. Nearby, you can find Bromo Cottages. Due to the fact that it stays 900 meters above the sea level, you will get the best view of volcanic things around the place. You may also want to stay in Java Banana, which is very close to the mountain. With a plan cabin style for its visitors, you can feel traditional ambient it tries to give, providing you with experience you never felt before.

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A Private Villa You Can Find In Bali

villa sanctuary

Do you get stressed due to busy days? If you do, then it is time for a vacation. Many tourism resorts are firmly available in the world, and Bali is one of popular tourism resorts you can visit since this place has many attractions. Kuta, Sanur and Uluwatu are some tourist attractions existed in Bali you can visit for vacation. Not to mention, Balinese people are polite so that if you visit this island, they are welcome to tourists. Before you take time to have a holiday in Bali, it seems that you need to look for comfortable accommodation. A villa certainly can be your choice for accommodation during your visit in Bali since it gives you privacy so that you can spend much time with your loved ones to share warmness

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The Unforgettable Visit in Bromo Mountain


Sunrise maybe is the common thing that you see every morning. However, if you see it from Bromo Mountain, you will find the most beautiful sunrise scenery on earth.

If you want to go to Bromo Mountain to see this beautiful sunrise scenery, first, you must go by car from Malang, which is the closest city from Bromo Mountain. This is also good experience, because the road from Malang to Bromo is full of adventure. You will pass the cliff, lot of unbelievable turn and beautiful view from your car window. Then, you stay for one night at the hotel in Bromo. Although it’s not 5 stars hotel, that’s still good place to sleep. And in the morning, you go on foot to the Bromo summit to watch the sunrise. But, is only that? Of course, it’s not. You also can rent a Jeep to explore the land of volcanic ash in the Bromo valley. You also can find Pura, which is Hindu temple in this place. You also can rent a horse to explore this volcanic ash land. The price for renting the car is very affordable. It’s around $25. You can get the transportation that you need. However, if you want more adventure, Bromo also has one more places you can go. This place is the Savannah. Yes, it looks like the savannah in Africa. However, you must negotiate with the Jeep driver to take you to that place. It will cost extra money, but, it’s worthy to experience. You will find beautiful scenery at there.

So, that’s what you can get from your visit to Bromo Mountain. It’s undeniable, that this place is one of the best places where you can see the most beautiful art of nature. And, guaranteed, you will get one of most memorable moment in your life here.

Korean Drama Set as One of Travel Destination

jeju island

Talking about South Korea will be endless. Everything in South Korea becomes famous all over the world. They are famous for their dramas, boy band and girl band, plastic surgery, and the most recent thing that very happening and spread all over the world is Gangnam Style dance. This dance is very happening till Hollywood stars such Britney Spears dance it. Gangnam style is popularized by Psy, a Korean singer. This dance becomes famous because the style is very unique. Thus, since South Korea is very famous now, it causes many people come to visit South Korea. One another reason for those people visiting South Korea is that they want to visit Korean drama location set.

People started to love Korean drama since in 2003 there is a Korean drama with a very sad story entitled Winter Sonata. Many women in this world shed tears when they were watching this drama. Though the story is sad, but this drama was made in a very beautiful location called Nami Island. Thus, since then, many people come to the island to see by their own eyes the location and feel the atmosphere of the drama. Moreover, since Winter Sonata gives a huge impact for the island, the statue of Joon Sang and Yoo Jin as the main character in the drama were build there.

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Luxurious Villa that can Bring You Unforgettable Holiday in Bali

luxury villa

Bali has been known for really long time as one of the most popular tourist destinations all over the world. It offers particular features people cannot find at other places. Traditional cultures which have been preserved by native people for centuries can provide exciting attractions to you. Bali also offers many amazing natural elements which surely can excite you. You can spoil yourself by swimming and enjoying sun bathing at some beautiful beaches such island offers. You can also enjoy amazing panorama through some mountains, hills, and lake at Bali. Every part of Bali seems always inviting people to come in and enjoy amazing tour attraction there.

When you decide to spend your vacation in Bali, you surely need to get the right place to stay. As one of the most popular tour destinations, Bali surely includes various kinds of hotel, villa, lodging, guest house, etc. You can choose which kind of lodging you like to choose during your Bali visit depending on your own need. If you like to get more enjoyable experience during your holiday, renting a private can be a good idea. By renting a villa you can feel that you bring your own home to such amazing island during your holiday. Additionally, some villas also provide many exciting facilities that can surely spoil you, such as swimming pool and luxurious bedroom.

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The Beauty of London


London becomes a pretty option for everyone to spend the holiday with precious people. This capital city of England offers lots of beautiful tourism spots which can be really lovely and unforgettable for the visitors. The beauty of the nature and old buildings make London so iconic. For those who are planning to visit London, there are so many great places to be visited. There even some free places to visit which will be very good for people who visit London in a budget.Accommodation and transportation in London are pretty easy to find too so it must be great to go to one place to another.

In London, we can simply walk to reach some places near your hotel. The view is just amazingly gorgeous and safe too. There are lots of options to visit such as the historical buildings up to the street markets that are pretty lovely to experience. Don’t forget to experience the double Decker bus and enjoy the view from the bus. The government provides good service for the public transportation in London. Beautiful historical places such as art galleries and museums mostly free except there is art exhibitions that sometimes offer for a fee. The Museum of London must be the main option as the visitors can learn the history of London.

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The Contemporary Crete

sunset in crete

Travelling can be one of many hobbies that people like. There are many destinations that you can visit during your traveling activity. Crete is the interesting destination that you have to visit. You will find the diversity of the worth places to see in this beautiful island. This city is contemporary magnificent with the best composition of modern sparkling ambience and of ancient ruins. The architecture that you can see is among of those Minoans, Venetians and also Ottomans. This sense of unity is even seen greater through the palm-tree forests, soaring mountains and of course sandy beaches. You are invited to enjoy the uniqueness of Crete.

For you who want to enjoy the beauty of Crete without spending a lot of money, you can do a few things in here. Suntan lotion, toothpaste, shampoo and soap are things that you have to bring because they cost you a lot in Crete. You are able to save money by eating like a local. This can be so exciting to be able to taste different kind of traditional meals that many locals eat daily. There are many tavernas that offer you Greek favorite dining. You need to plan your journey meticulously. This is important to be done because price for gas in Crete can be very high. Therefore, to avoid high expense on fuel, you should arrange your journey well.

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Amarterra Spa : Nature Heals You

amartera spa on the beach
Feeling so sluggish because of a long flight? Sometimes the excitement when exploring Bali also leaves people feeling so tired and stiff? In Amarterra Bali Luxury Villas there is a spa house which offer sluggish people unique treatments inspired by the harmonious nature in order to get reenergized body.

Located within Amarterra Bali Villas in Nusa Dua area the core concept of Amarterra Spa is the combination between the power of water and earth. The treatments are compiled and created based on the nature of soul such as raindrops, ocean wave, earth rotation, and many others. At Amarterra Spa, well-being treatment for body and soul is involving the nature.

It is interesting to know what is the base and vision of Amarterra Spa to engage the nature in all treatments. Basically, Amarterra Spa is amazed and inspired with the balanced and harmonious life. The secret behind this much better life is the realization of Dharma, a philosophy that Hindu and Buddhist community hold, and it means kindness. Dharma for those communities is a way of life that results in balanced and better life. In order to get that result, people conduct six ways of Dharma. Those are right understanding, right thought, right speech, right action, right attention, and right concentration. To some extent, Dharma among Hindu community has been infused to the people since their childhood with a hope that they can sustain and apply that way of life in the future.

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Best Interior Villa Bali

best interior
Many people are deciding to have a great holiday in Bali because Bali is known as the great place to enjoy the natural beauty and a great destination that is rich of culture. Bali has so many attractions that can attract so many local or international tourists and it is proven that in each year there are many numbers of people who are visiting Bali for their holiday. If you are had planned to have a perfect and unforgettable holiday in Bali, then you should prepare all the accommodations in Bali so that you can easily explore Bali and get relax.

Bali is also the great place to find the serenity as many numbers of Bali’s destinations provide the beautiful and amazing scenery that you will not miss. Moreover, Bali also provides a unique architecture and a unique culture and spiritual. This becomes a great and main attention for so many people to see and visit Bali. In Bali, you do not need to be worry as there are many numbers of bali villas that you can find. From the cheapest villas to the luxurious villas that offer so many great and luxurious facilities with the beautiful scenery you can see.

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